4s 300a Lifepo4 BMS with Balance 12.8v
4s 300a Lifepo4 BMS with Balance 12.8v
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4s 300a Lifepo4 BMS with Balance 12.8v

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These BMS units are perfect for 12v Lifepo4 applications that require a lot of amps like RV and car audio. These BMS units can handle 300 amps continuous discharge and 200 amps continuous charge. The brand is Xiaoxiang which is a trusted BMS manufacturer in the medical industry. You can also discharge up to 1000 amps for up to 5 seconds.

They have a balance function as well so these will top balance when near full charge.

Charge cutoff 14.6v
Discharge cutoff 10v

If you are building a car audio 4s lifepo4 battery this is a great option for you to add some protection. One of these BMS units for every 3000 watts of power. Great for all other applications as well like solar storage.

The B- and C- main connector has an M8 threaded post so you can make your connection with ring terminals and M8 bolts. You will need 2 M8 bolts which you can find at any hardware store or online. They are very common.

This is a common port BMS which means you can charge and discharge through the same connections. Common port BMS is the most popular and widely used BMS type. Separate port BMS units are usually for Ebikes and lower amp packs.

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